Donald Trump on Lactation

I agree with Mr. Trump on some of the things he says, especially that we should cooperate with the Russians in Syria (and elsewhere) rather than antagonize them, and I think the mass media are very unfair in portraying him as an idiot – which he obviously isn’t. He has a sense of humor and the courage to be a politically incorrect non-conformist. Whatever happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? But when Mr. Trump reportedly called a female attorney “disgusting” because she wanted to pump her breasts for her baby in his presence during a deposition, I have to object quite strongly.

Large and pendulous human breasts are virtually unique among mammals; they are beautiful organs of nourishment. Breast milk is the most miraculous food known to science, and it’s free. Considering that the criminal infant bottle formula industry does everything possible to sabotage breastfeeding from the moment of birth and even before – e.g. by making girls and women feel ashamed of their breasts – a woman who succeeds in breastfeeding her child anyway is a hero (1). If a savvy businessman like Mr. Trump says breasts or breast milk are disgusting, we must wonder if he is a ruthless stockholder in one or more of the largest bottle formula producers: Nestlè, Danone, etc. or one of the secondary profiteers of body shame: sellers of Vitamin D supplements, bra makers, and bathing suit tops for little girls!

Even if he isn’t a stockholder profiting directly from breast shame, Mr. Trump should know that once a woman has succeeded in overcoming the dishonest tricks of corrupted hospital staff who try their best to encourage mothers to buy inferior infant bottle formula, frequent suckling is essential to maintain the breasts’ production of precious human milk. For a working mother pumping the breasts as frequently as possible is not an arbitrary choice. There is no love lost between Mr. Trump and politically correct feminists, but his reported hostility to public breastfeeding is strangely consistent with the feminist crusade to legitimize and normalize dangerous feeding of inferior artificial formula, even if that’s at the risk of infant health.

In practical terms, expelling milk from the milk glands is accompanied by increased production of the pro-social hormone: oxytocin. If the attorney who reportedly wanted to pump her breasts was on the opposite side of the table, then that’s a perfect time for any opponent to be dealing with her. Calling a woman “disgusting” for pumping her breasts doesn’t mean Mr. Trump is against women, as some of his critics conveniently claim. A kinder explanation is that better education is needed about the human body in general, and in particular why breastfeeding and breast milk are things to cherish not shy away from.

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest experiences in life for both mother and child, but men can’t do it and naturally feel excluded. Men shouldn’t wallow in their envy; we can take positive steps to compensate for women’s superiority in that department. The skin contact of bathing, cuddling and nude massage can be just as important and rewarding as breastfeeding to both parent and child, and men can excel at that.

The mass hysteria over child sex abuse and pedophilia is fostered by body shame, so many men today are reluctant to even offer to bathe or massage their baby, for fear that his intentions might be considered “suspicious.” Mr. Trump appears to be a loving father who is close to his daughter. Such closeness can and should begin right after birth and continue throughout childhood, especially when a mother can benefit from time off from caring for a baby, but even long after weaning until children are old enough to massage each other.

Mr. Trump, we men need to become better informed about breastfeeding and childhood instead of unwittingly helping unscrupulous profiteers by promoting body shame. Your opponent, Hillary Clinton, has a long track record in promoting the interests of children. If you want to defeat your opponent (you say that you love winning), then you need to one-up Mrs. Clinton in promoting children’s welfare and well-being in an increasingly pedophobic world.


  • Palmer, Gabrielle. The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business, 3rd  ed. Pinter and Martin, 2009.

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4 Responses to Donald Trump on Lactation

  1. I have no issues with women breastfeeding at the workplace or in a public place but I would prefer they go to a bathroom or use a private room to do so. I understand it is a natural process but so is going to the bathroom and you (hopefully) wouldn’t want to do that in full view of others.

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    • sexhysteria says:

      Thanks for your comment. A problem with “privacy” in this case is that if a mother wants to take her baby for a stroll on a sunny day in a public park and the baby gets hungry but there is no private room available nearby, what should she do? Let the baby cry until she gets home? We can hardly equate publicly urinating or deficating with nourishing a baby. Growing girls who pass by need proud and healthy models of breastfeeding, not destructive models of shame and hiding in a bathroom to nourish a baby.


  2. UGH says:

    I hope you kill yourself child rapist.


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