A Proper Witch Hunt

As has been tragically demonstrated on numerous occasions, some government employees are so drunk with power that they will mercilessly persecute innocent people and even innocent children. Some well-known cases of witch hunts over accusations of child sex abuse have been described in a previous post. Here I will add my incredible personal experience, which I introduced in the first part Kangaroo Court in Session.

During my trial for the charge of “production and possession of child pornography,” and a week after my expert witness testified that my video Buddy Massage contains no genital nudity, nor any other suggestion of “sexual” intent, the prosecutor became so desperate she began multiple, coerced interrogations of eight children who have known me for years, and who the police were able to identify through the data on my hard drive and cell phone they had confiscated. The timing of the interrogations was certainly no accident. The prosecutor had probably planned to wait until my video was adjudicated to be “child pornography” by the trial judge, in order to use that judgment as a threat against the families who participated in my video. But after the testimony of my expert witness a conviction was no longer likely, so the prosecutor needed something new to prejudice the judge, such as a (coerced) confession by a child “victim” of “sexual acts.”

None of the parents or children went to the police spontaneously; they were apparently carted off to the police station by the officers without prior warning, and without an opportunity for legal representation. All of the children were interrogated without their parents present either, and the interrogations were all videoed – although at least some of those videos would disappear so the judge or defense could never see them. All of the children began the “interview” by defending me as a nice person, and some even repeated their nice words more than once despite the skeptical reactions of the interrogators. At some point during the coercive questioning, two of the children (13 at the time of the interrogations), began to change their stories. By no coincidence, those two children were the girls who had participated in my video and whose mothers were at risk of prosecution themselves as possible “accomplices” in the production of “child pornography.”

For example, one girl was held in the police station for five hours. Her mother was not allowed in the room with the child, but the mother reportedly did try to enter the room repeatedly while the police blocked the door. The child was eventually interrogated on two other days for a total of about ten hours. My attorney had to specifically request a copy of the videos and verbatim transcripts two months before the “taint hearing”, and we received only some of the videos – and only two weeks before the hearing.

From the videos it is clear that at least one of the child “witnesses” was the victim of the worst kind of interrogation techniques used for adult criminals. The interrogators lied to the child, and when she didn’t give them the desired answers, the interrogators repeated the questions, called the child a liar (!), and pointed out contradictions only when they didn’t reinforce the accusations.

It is obvious that the girl was encouraged to accuse me of something, anything, with implicit or explicit threats against her and her mother. When the topic of the massage video came up, the girl admitted her mother had signed the release consenting to the video and giving me permission to publish it, but she was clear when she assured her interrogators that her mother shared no responsibility for that “crime.” Only the photographer was culpable for the “pornography.”

Over the next few weeks the girl was interrogated again and again, changing her story multiple times until even the interrogators said her story was not credible, threatened to keep her in the police station all night, make her come back another five times or ten times, and haul her mother into court “which would not be very nice.” The girl cried and repeatedly begged her tormentors to stop, and understandably accommodated them by increasing the severity of her accusations until she claimed I was sexually abusing her in her bedroom on multiple occasions over the course of years – all while her mother was busy in the kitchen. When the interrogators were satisfied they had enough “evidence” to put me away for 20 or 30 years, they finally stopped.

Although required by law, the prosecutor never deposited some of the videos with the court. When I read the index of all the documents deposited, I noticed immediately that the last video deposited was eight days before the final interrogation. No other video was ever deposited, until my lawyer specifically requested the videos a year and a half later. The transcript of that missing video does include the interrogators’ openly expressed skepticism when the girl’s story displeased them, and the threats described above, though there may also be aspects of the interrogators’ actions that words leave out: the angry or sarcastic tone of their voices when she denied abuse, or the approving and congratulatory tone when she invented a new accusation, the interrogators’ gestures and postures, the psychologist caressing the child’s back during the questioning, etc. which can communicate more than words.

The interrogators conveniently ignored the girl’s contradictions that made the accusations incredible, and other unlikely aspects of her accusations, e.g. she told her mother at some point about my “sexual acts,” and the latter kicked me out but eventually let me come back and be alone with the girl in her bedroom again! At another point the girl in an apparent rage recanted her impossible accusations, saying that I didn’t do anything, which the interrogators refused to believe. At another point, after having claimed I routinely massaged her while she always wore only a top and panties, the top disappeared on one occasion without explanation. The interrogators expressed no skepticism at all as long as the girl continued accusing me of something.

The other girl who participated in the video years before had less to say, though she likewise began by defending me and the massage video as normal. But she suddenly changed her story, accusing me of brief sexual contact on one occasion, which she claims she told her mother about and the latter kicked me out. The problem with this story is that there is documented photographic proof as well as phone records that we continued friendly contacts for months after the supposed abuse and revelation, and even a year after the supposed crime.

The mother even allowed me to take her daughters out by myself months after the supposed abuse, and the girl herself even left me alone with her younger sister. The prosecutor has that evidence, but expressed no skepticism about the girl’s impossible story. This is all in the interrogators’ summary, since there is no transcript. The video of this girl’s interrogation was “damaged” and never deposited, so there is no way to verify what the girl actually said, let alone the questions and comments of the interrogators. There is a “verbatim” transcript of only the end of the interrogation, after which the video was “damaged” and disappeared.

In addition to the mass hysteria over child sex abuse, which is supposedly usually seriously harmful and even “worse that death” in many cases, the prosecutor in this case has a personal incentive to destroy me at any cost. As described in my previous posts, the prosecutor searched my home illegally on the off chance that the police might find evidence of “sexual acts with children,” and when that fishing expedition didn’t find evidence of any crimes, that created a need to invent the accusation that my innocent video Buddy Massage is “child pornography.”

Due to the lack of evidence of any sexual content or intent in that video, and thanks to the massive evidence against that accusation, that video would have been exonerated if it were not for the prosecutor’s desperate efforts to protect herself from a charge of prosecutorial misconduct. Rather than risk damaging her career by admitting she made a mistake, the prosecutor has now dug herself an even deeper hole by coercing the minors who participated in the video to invent false accusations against me in order to protect their mothers. I have little faith in the Italian justice system, but the more the prosecutor persists in this spectacle, the more her misconduct and unfitness for her role become obvious.

About Frank Adamo

Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety. www.FRECS.org
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