No Bail for U.S. Teacher Falsely Accused in Italy

After 16 months in pretrial detention and despite clear evidence of my innocence, a preliminary judge and the appeals court in Palermo have refused to free me to prepare my defense for the imminent trial.

Claiming there is a “concrete and current” risk that a 68-year-old teacher will attempt to taint the witnesses or repeat the presumed crimes, in reality the presumed crimes go as far back as 2011, the taint hearings are already over, and the supposed evidence has already been tainted by the state psychologists, the prosecutor, the preliminary judge, and other state employees. According to Italian law, “concrete risk” means any hypothetical risk.

Almost all of the videos of the interrogations were interrupted, in some cases repeatedly, and some videos are being withheld from the defense so it cannot be determined whether the videos were interrupted during the interrogations – or worse – if the videos were doctored after the interrogations were over.

In realty no crimes ever took place, and no presumed victim or parent ever came to the police voluntarily even years after the supposed events. Only after long, repeated and coercive interrogations did the presumed child-victims invent impossible stories that contradict the objective, physical evidence. Both of my original accusers have already recanted their accusations: “All of the things I said weren’t true…He never did anything to me.” But their retractions have fallen on deaf ears in this “justice” system.

The entire investigation seems to be a stage play to demonize an American citizen and draw public attention away from repeated pedophile scandals in the Catholic Church, as well as distract the public from the massive government corruption and waste of tax money that have nearly bankrupted this country.

Since President Trump was very vocal in defending Amanda Knox when she was falsely accused and mistreated by the Italian courts years ago, I wonder if my prosecution is an attempt to provoke Mr. Trump to “interfere” in another foreign legal case now. Or the Italians are at least trying to embarrass Mr. Trump for losing his tongue in the even more outrageous mistreatment of an American citizen in Italy while he is president and a candidate in a bitter reelection campaign.

There is some evidence that the Italian secret services were involved in the story of so-called Russian interference in the 2016 election (via Prof. Joseph Mifsud), so my hypothesis of ulterior political motives for this new witch hunt is not unreasonable.

Since I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump in 2016 and I probably won’t vote for him in 2020, he doesn’t owe me anything. Vocal support is not what I need anyway. I can’t expect a fair trial in the local courts. Everyone here is afraid to even criticize the all-powerful state employees involved. I will be facing years of legal battles in the national and international courts, while suffering the isolation of pretrial detention and post-trial detention during the eternal appeal process, before this nightmare ends.

See previous posts for more detailed information.

About Frank Adamo

Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety.
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