Child Trafficking in Italy

The trial has begun for 24 state employees and other accomplices accused of soliciting false accusations of child abuse in order to take Italian children away from poor parents and then sell the kids in the “foster care” system.

According to Il Giornale, a mainstream newspaper in Italy’s biggest city, a social work supervisor was the center of the ring that included her friends and acquaintances eager to get their hands on somebody else’s children. The investigation began when a courageous prosecutor noticed a suspiciously high frequency of child abuse allegations in the small city of Bibbiano, near Modena.

The accused psychologists, social workers, and even a mayor are now facing 107 criminal charges, with hundreds of thousands of Euros having changed hands. The current scandal has led to publicity of similar recent cases in other Italian cities, as well as further revelations by adults who grew up in the Italian foster care system.

A man in Forteto reports that when he was a child he too was forced to falsely accuse his parents of abuse. So evidently this horrific practice has been going on for decades, if not longer. La “paladina” delle coppie gay “regista” degli affidi dell’orrore –

About Frank Adamo

Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety.
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