Sex Hysteria: Stranger Than Fiction

I once wrote a novel “Revolt of the Children” about poor kids in Palermo who rebel against physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The abuse is dramatized, and the story is set “some time after World War Two.” (1)

How ironic that I would later witness even worse abuse in real life in contemporary Italy, at least indirectly by watching the videos of state employees interrogating children suspected of being the victims of sex crimes. I could never write a novel describing the gruesome mental torture that at least one 13-year-old girl recently suffered at the hands of three women: a state psychologist, a detective, and a prosecutor. Readers would vomit all over the pages.

Another little girl (12) was probably tortured too to solicit false accusations, but that video was cut before the accusations were made, obviously to hide the treatment she suffered. Both girls have subsequently recanted their claims of being sexually abused. A third little girl (9) who was taken away from her parents is still in state custody, so whatever she has suffered is yet to be discovered. An indication that this is not a unique case is that so far at least two local judges have read the transcripts of the videos, and neither noticed anything unusual.


About Frank Adamo

Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety.
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