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Polyamory as Multiple Parenting

A polyamorous family consists of more than two adults and may have several children who are not necessarily related to each other biologically. What makes a family polyamorous is sexual non-exclusion. Polyamorous parents and other adults practice sexual inclusion. In … Continue reading

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Polyamory vs. Selfish Genes

Many traditionalists believe that monogamous marriage and the nuclear family are best for human beings, and even necessary for the survival of modern civilization as we know it. Hence, alternatives to monogamy – such as polyamory (multiple wives/multiple husbands) – … Continue reading

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Pedophobia 2

Please read the first part of the topic Pedophobia before reading this new post. Make-shift memorial to a live-born baby dumped in the trash. Although infant mortality in the developed world has decreased dramatically since the beginning of the 20th … Continue reading

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“I’d rather have a good book than a child.” – Montaigne Contrary to the mass hysteria over child sex abuse, the most shameful problem facing modern Western culture today is not excessive love for children, but its opposite: fear, indifference … Continue reading

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Breast Pride and Breastfeeding

Where does breast shame come from? Is it instinctive or learned behavior? When babies are born they feel no shame. Before infant bottle formula was invented there was no need to cultivate breast shame. Even religious art commonly depicted Jesus … Continue reading

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