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Stolen Youth: Jaycee Dugard

In June 1991 an 11-year-old was kidnapped by two strangers and subsequently held captive by them as a sex slave (and slave labor) for 18 years. The victim’s subsequent release at age 29 (along with the two daughters she gave … Continue reading

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Pedophobia 2

Please read the first part of the topic Pedophobia before reading this new post. Make-shift memorial to a live-born baby dumped in the trash. Although infant mortality in the developed world has decreased dramatically since the beginning of the 20th … Continue reading

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“I’d rather have a good book than a child.” – Montaigne Contrary to the mass hysteria over child sex abuse, the most shameful problem facing modern Western culture today is not excessive love for children, but its opposite: fear, indifference … Continue reading

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