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Top Freedom

“One of the most memorable events of my childhood was the day that I (a girl who loved nothing more than running around in ragged jeans and nothing else) was told I had to start wearing a shirt.” – Katherine. … Continue reading

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Child Massage

Anyone who has experienced a professional massage knows that massage is very enjoyable. The standard price may seem excessive relative to the pleasure, but there is actually much more to massage than merely pleasure. Searching “child massage” on the web … Continue reading

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“I’d rather have a good book than a child.” – Montaigne Contrary to the mass hysteria over child sex abuse, the most shameful problem facing modern Western culture today is not excessive love for children, but its opposite: fear, indifference … Continue reading

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Sex Play and Sex Work

There is widespread hostility against sex work even when it only involves mature adults, with traditionalists and feminists joining hands to condemn women who “sell their body,” and worse: evil male customers who support the nasty business. Sex work always … Continue reading

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Is Your Child a Sex Maniac? Part 3

“…the challenge of all human relationships: accepting people as they are, while fostering further integration and growth.” – Daniel J. Siegel. Please read the previous posts first: Is Your Child a Sex Maniac  and Is Your Child a Sex Maniac … Continue reading

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Mental Castration: Breaking the Cycle

 Generation after generation, some parents (usually mothers) mentally castrate their daughters. Either actively through shame training, or passively through neglect, millions of girls are doomed to suffer the same destiny of sexual dysfunction as their mothers – often in silence. … Continue reading

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Sexual Equality

“A man should pray to have right desires, before he prays to have his desires fulfilled.” Plato (Jowett, 1875) In her study of adolescent girls’ experience of sexual desire, Deborah L. Tolman reports how 30 normal adolescent girls were typically … Continue reading

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