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Polyamory vs. Selfish Genes

Many traditionalists believe that monogamous marriage and the nuclear family are best for human beings, and even necessary for the survival of modern civilization as we know it. Hence, alternatives to monogamy – such as polyamory (multiple wives/multiple husbands) – … Continue reading

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Mental Castration: Breaking the Cycle

 Generation after generation, some parents (usually mothers) mentally castrate their daughters. Either actively through shame training, or passively through neglect, millions of girls are doomed to suffer the same destiny of sexual dysfunction as their mothers – often in silence. … Continue reading

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Faking Orgasm to Hide Sexual Dysfunction

There are several excuses that some women use to hide their difficulty or inability to reach orgasm during conventional intercourse, such as claiming that orgasm isn’t very important (the “closeness” is sufficient), or their partners aren’t competent performers (“too fast”), … Continue reading

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