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Is this Child Porn?

What qualifies as “child porn” is becoming so broad as to include even the most ridiculous claims about the most innocent images. Here are the incredible arguments used by one prosecutor in Italy to justify the arrest and eventual conviction … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Court in Session

The more lies are told, the more precious the truth becomes. After years of criticizing the pathetic mass hysteria over child pornography and child sex abuse – in this blog as well as in my other publications – I’ve become … Continue reading

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Photography vs. Pornography

I was born and raised in the New York City area, which is one of the most progressive parts of the U.S., or at least it used to be. In the 1970s movie theaters in midtown Manhattan openly advertised real … Continue reading

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Sexual Equality

“A man should pray to have right desires, before he prays to have his desires fulfilled.” Plato (Jowett, 1875) In her study of adolescent girls’ experience of sexual desire, Deborah L. Tolman reports how 30 normal adolescent girls were typically … Continue reading

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