Sexual Inhibition and Mental Castration

Traditionalists and feminists complain about the “sexualization” of children, which implies belief in the old myth that kids are born asexual. But the evidence is clear that we are all born highly sexual: every parent goes through considerable effort to “inhibit” children from masturbating themselves. If anything, what traditionalists and feminists really resent is the re-sexualization of children through sex education, after parents and other teachers have gone through so much trouble de-sexualizing and attempting to mentally castrate kids.

Sex and Education

When children experience most forms of arousal, parents and other teachers inform the child about the source and remedy of the condition. But when children are sexually aroused, parents do not inform the child or may even misinform the child. Many traditionalists claim that sexual arousal doesn’t exist in childhood, despite the obvious evidence that even infants experience penile and clitoral erections. In “The Talk: What Your Kids Need to Hear from You about Sex,” the author makes the unsubstantiated claim: “99% of 10-year-olds” have never experienced “an inkling of sexual arousal.” But in an early survey of over 1,000 women published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 42% of the women said they began masturbating at age 5-11.

More recently in the Lamb & Coakley study (1993), 128 female college students (mean age 20.6) answered questionnaires about their memories of normal childhood sex play. Most reported kissing games, exposure, playing doctor, etc. (mean age 7.5 years), but 14.3% reported experiments in stimulation, of which 73% reported feeling “excited,” and 56% reported feeling “aroused.” 26% of all subjects reported they felt “aroused.” 42% of those who “experimented” reported some form of genital contact ranging from clothed contact (e.g. dry humping) to oral-genital contact.

Traditionalists rightly claim that most children have “no interest” in sex, but neglect to mention that the lack of interest is only after the children have been “inhibited.” Debates over sex education conveniently sidestep the fundamental question: Why do we inhibit children in the first place?

Effects of Experiential Deprivation on Brain Growth

Sexual arousal has been called a form of tension, because the most obvious sign of sexual arousal is genital erection. However, erection actually occurs when smooth (involuntary) muscles surrounding blood vessels in the penis or clitoris relax, allowing blood to accumulate inside it (vasocongestion).

Clitoral erections are visible externally in infancy and early childhood. Some researchers have reported observing the clitoris become erect during orgasm in adult women, and photographs of women with external clitoral erections are available on the web. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica acknowledges that the clitoris is an erectile organ.

But many women say they have no memory of ever experiencing an erection of the clitoris. We may reasonably assume that such women were mentally castrated in childhood. Some scientists say that anatomically the erectile part of the clitoris is only internal, and a researcher in Australia recently suggested that what anatomists call the erectile “vestibule bulbs” above the vagina, which extend around the vagina, are actually part of the clitoris. Studies using ultrasound have demonstrated a close relationship between the root of the clitoris and the anterior vaginal wall.

Sexual arousal is also characterized by increased production of dopamine, the hormone of motivation or “desire,” which increases heart rate and blood pressure temporarily, and enhances cognition. We don’t know what negative effects sexual inhibition may cause by interfering with the brain’s natural production of dopamine.

Although the source of sexual arousal may be fantasy, visual or other sensual stimuli, or may be spontaneous, the relative part of the brain signals the smooth muscles to relax. A sexually dysfunctional individual’s brain sends no such signal. Drugs like Viagra, which directly inhibit tension of the smooth muscles, bypass the need for natural brain signals. People in Mediterranean countries know that garlic has the same effect.

One consequence of misinformation and denial of children’s sexual feelings is that the sexual organs are not stimulated during development, the relative part of the brain atrophies, and the organs become dysfunctional – ranging from reduced sensitivity all the way to clitoral erectile dysfunction and vaginal anorgasmia. The majority of such women grow up unable to experience orgasm during normal intercourse and are dependent on vibrators.

One feminist author attempted to explain away female sexual dysfunction by claiming the clitoris is simply in the wrong place. In “The Technology of Orgasm: ‘Hysteria, the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction,” Rachel P. Maines acknowledges the peculiarity of her conclusion (that the clitoris is in the wrong place) in evolutionary terms, but doesn’t consider the somewhat obvious alternative explanation: most women have trouble achieving orgasm during intercourse because they were mentally castrated when they were children.

Separation of Church and State

The tradition of misinforming children and denying their sexuality serves Judeo-Christian doctrine to reject sexual pleasure in favor of a life of spiritual contemplation to prepare our souls for the afterlife. Amen. The origin of circumcision is that God commanded Abraham and his heirs to show they would focus on His plan, through symbolic castration. Some early Christian sects advocated physical castration to foster spirituality, just as some mothers in Third World countries today still physically castrate their daughters without anesthesia “to improve fertility.” (See “Mutilée” by Khadi, Oh! Editions, Paris 2005.)

The Christian Church justified its anti-sex position with the confused idea that to be like God, people should have sex only for procreation. The church fathers were evidently unaware that the lowest mammals only have sex during the fertile period, while the higher mammals – apes and man – have sex even when not fertile. Are cats and dogs closer to God than we are? Many early Christians believed (and some modern Christians still believe) that Adam and Eve’s original sin described (and mistranslated) in the confused Book of Genesis was actually a sexual sin, so to be like God we must be castrated. (See Laura Englestein’s “Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom.”)

It is the mothers and other women who still physically castrate little girls in some Third World countries, and here in the modern West it is the mothers and other women as early childhood educators who mentally castrate children. Why do women keep looking for excuses to castrate little girls? Does some form of envy have something to do with it? The primitive ritual of male circumcision (at puberty in some pre-industrial cultures) includes some elements that hint at older males envying the young penis. There’s more to circumcision than God’s command to Abraham, and in any case it was never for the boy’s benefit.

Modern secular laws not only allow mental castration, they require it. If any parent tries to teach children how to masturbate themselves (e.g. by providing access to an instructional video), the parent will be arrested and the children kidnapped by some 9-to-5 bureaucrat to “protect” them. The narrow-minded, short-sighted law allows no exceptions. Even when children are severely handicapped or terminally ill – about to die – parents may not teach them how to masturbate.

The Castration Industry

Psychiatrists eventually seized on cocaine-addict Freud’s 1896 theory (based on observations of all of 18 patients) that “premature” sexual experience is traumatic for people, and hence justifies prolonged and lucrative therapy to heal the poor victims. Although Freud himself and his followers eventually abandoned that theory as overly simplistic, modern feminists revived it to gain sympathy (and funding) for their movement for gender equality. Gender equality notwithstanding, if you’re male you will have a hard time getting a job in Day Care nowadays.

Other profiteers in the modern rescue industry (social work, criminal justice) create employment for themselves by “protecting” children from the testosterone gender. To enlarge the market for their products and services, the rescue industry claims that any and all early sexual experience between different age groups is seriously harmful. They conveniently ignore the censored meta-analysis of 59 unbiased studies (Rind, et al. 1998) which concluded that the popular belief in “sexual trauma” is not supported by the empirical evidence.

If we recognize that children who have already been castrated (ABC) are likely to react negatively to any subsequent sexual experience (i.e. they have been indoctrinated to interpret sexual experience negatively), while children who were not yet castrated (NYC) will react to sexual experience according to the specific context (sensitivity vs. insensitivity, etc.), then the market for the rescue industry’s products and services would be in danger of collapse.

Maybe some enterprising psychotherapist will eventually realize there is a huge market for the treatment of children and adults who have been terrorized by the hysteria over sexual abuse (I would call it: Hysteria Induced Trauma syndrome – HITs) and help women become sexually functional.

Although the theory of neuropasticity suggests there is hope that mentally castrated individuals may overcome the damage (i.e. brain areas adjacent to undeveloped sexual areas may take over the function of signaling the smooth muscles in sexual organs to relax), the mass media and political candidates ignore the plight of NYC children who are in danger of becoming sexually dysfunctional, possibly for life.

Instead, our wise leaders contribute to the current hysteria, claiming that the “sexualization” of children must be prevented at all costs – even if that means unavoidable witch-hunting, lynch mobs, convictions of the falsely accused, abandonment of academic freedom, and the censorship of scientific research.

Edit: I’ve come across some new information. Although brain plasticity may offer hope before puberty, it isn’t likely to occur after puberty. There is reason to believe that millions of girls right here in the industrialized West are being irreversibly mentally castrated every day.

Here’s the full reference to the Rind study cited above:  Rind et al. “A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples” (Psychological Bulletin 1998, Vol. 124, No. 1, 22-53); and Rind et al. “The Validity and Appropriateness of Methods, Analyses, and Conclusions in Rind et al. (1998): A Rebuttal of Victimological Critique From Ondersma et al. (2001) and Dallam et al. (2001)” (Psychological Bulletin 2001. Vol. 127. No. 6. 734-758).


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Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety.
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10 Responses to Sexual Inhibition and Mental Castration

  1. Daniel says:

    “Instead, our wise leaders contribute to the current hysteria, claiming that the “sexualization” of children must be prevented at all costs”

    Indeed. If we think about evolution and the biological role that behaviour-copying has, it’s easy to see that peripubescent children begin copying and practising gender role behaviour and sexual behaviour before, during and after puberty. Not only is it empirically proven that children are sexual, but the time they are allowed to practice this sexuality before it is needed is artificially limited by parents and a society which thinks the prevention of its own discomfort is more important than their kids’ ability to learn sexuality in a safe, self-determined manner.

    Besides some of us feeling uncomfortable with their open sexual expression, what’s the true harm? They might discover pleasure, they might orgasm, they might actually have sex, they might catch a disease. Of all of those, only the disease seems to be the real danger, and guess what prevents that… allowing them a safe space in which to be sexual, where the space is guided by parental and societal wisdom, where they can get the information they need, e.g. about condom use.

    A few thousand years ago, before organised religion, would children have been artificially prevented from this behaviour? We are, after all, animals. When animals develop secondary sexual characteristics, they begin learning about sex, practicing, and one day, pregnancy will occur. We obviously dislike ad hoc pregnancies, and playing around with many partners is an opportunity for disease, but a simple condom and other measures stops it… so where does this discomfort with sexuality come from?

    I think it’s our faulty construction of childhood, and our inability to accurately remember our own childhoods. I for one don’t want to sactimoniously limit childhood behaviour because I can actually remember my own – I masturbated, I talked to others about sex, I made sexual jokes, I flashed people, I bought porn magazines at age 10, and more. I turned out just fine – in fact, I think I turned out quite well. I don’t have much sexual psychopathology/baggage, I’m open, friendly, understanding, happy, and disease-free. If someone sat me down and told me it’s bad to masturbate or that naked women in magazines is wrong, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the same person today.


  2. Bill says:

    You have pointed out something very interesting. If you leave a baby in a completely dark atmosphere, never allowing to witness light, that baby will lose eyesight as it grows up. Who can say that the same is not happening with their sexuality? I don’t know if children are sexual, but the witch hunt needs to stop.

    Daniel, I too remember having certain sexual feelings years before puberty. I am not really convinced that puberty is the only thing that triggers sexuality. Of course, even post pubescent teenagers are treated like infants.


  3. sexhysteria says:

    Thanks for your comments. The discourse on sexuality is suspiciously vague and laden with terms that have a negative connotation. What is needed are specific definitions and clear distinctions, neutral (unemotional) language, and challenges to traditional rhetoric: the focus of my next article.


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  6. simian says:

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  7. simian says:

    Interesting article, what is your view on Wilhelm Reich?


  8. Christian says:

    “The Christian Church justified its anti-sex position with the confused idea that to be like God, people should have sex only for procreation.”

    Unfortunately true. But in order to teach this anti-pleasure, procreative-only view of sex, church leaders had to ignore certain texts in the Bible which specify that sex is for more than just procreation. See the book of Song of Solomon for example, a book of the Bible (and thus holy and wholesome) which is so seldom ever mentioned by preachers today that I’m sure most Christians don’t even know it exists!


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