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Creating Victims for the Sexual Inquisition

The first time a fanatical Italian prosecutor tried to silence me through an accusation of “sexual acts with children,” there was a little obstacle: the police couldn’t find any victims. So to avoid losing that first case, the prosecutor made … Continue reading

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Photography vs. Pornography 2

Please read my previous post Photography vs. Pornography for essential background to this story. I’ve already cited several examples of child nudity in the history of art and photography in another previous post Top Freedom, and in the interest of … Continue reading

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Photography vs. Pornography

I was born and raised in the New York City area, which is one of the most progressive parts of the U.S., or at least it used to be. In the 1970s movie theaters in midtown Manhattan openly advertised real … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism

Senator Sanders is saying some interesting things about the U.S. government that other political candidates would rather not talk about. Wealthy corporations pay little or no taxes, while the poor and middle classes have to finance the cost of government, … Continue reading

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Stolen Youth: Jaycee Dugard

In June 1991 an 11-year-old was kidnapped by two strangers and subsequently held captive by them as a sex slave (and slave labor) for 18 years. The victim’s subsequent release at age 29 (along with the two daughters she gave … Continue reading

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Playing Doctor

“…the ability to experience and know pleasure is an essential ingredient of wellness.” -bell hooks In her book “The Secret Lives of Girls,” researcher Sharon Lamb describes interviews with many girls and women who revealed their experiences of sex play … Continue reading

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Sex in School

It’s scandalous that schools are showing very young children videos of adults expressing sexual desire and experiencing sexual pleasure, including genital intercourse. Although no other species in the animal kingdom hides copulation from their young, it’s scandalous that civilized human … Continue reading

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Polyamory: Origins of Jealousy

Traditionalists claim that monogamy is inevitable for human beings because jealousy is an inherited instinct, so polyamory  (multiple mating) is unrealistic. But I believe that the reality is quite the contrary: the traditional problem of jealousy is an effect rather … Continue reading

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Pedophobia 2

Please read the first part of the topic Pedophobia before reading this new post. Make-shift memorial to a live-born baby dumped in the trash. Although infant mortality in the developed world has decreased dramatically since the beginning of the 20th … Continue reading

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“I’d rather have a good book than a child.” – Montaigne Contrary to the mass hysteria over child sex abuse, the most shameful problem facing modern Western culture today is not excessive love for children, but its opposite: fear, indifference … Continue reading

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