Top Freedom

“One of the most memorable events of my childhood was the day that I (a girl who loved nothing more than running around in ragged jeans and nothing else) was told I had to start wearing a shirt.” – Katherine.


Anjeza at 9. Copyright © 2009 Frank Adamo

Why do women cover their breasts? Why are little girls told to cover their flat chest? Was there more shame in the distant past, or less? Does somebody profit from breast shame, or is body shame inevitable?

I’ve written about breast nudity for several years, but now there is a new force on the scene who merits some attention: Chelsea Covington. I re-blogged one of her articles “Why Some Parents are Afraid of Bare-chestedness” and also corresponded with her about my reply to a comment on her article. Our correspondence revealed the complexity of the issue of top freedom, and some differences in viewpoint that may exist between individual advocates.


In 2009 I first published some of my photographs of top-free little girls on European beaches on Yahoo’s photography site: Using the name “Girl Becomes Woman” my account quickly got over 300,000 views and hundreds of favorable comments defending my images as normal and constructive rather than “sexual” or “seductive” or “erotic” in any way. Nonetheless, some hysteric(s) succeeded in persuading Yahoo to delete my Flickr account, along with my associated Yahoo email account which was active for over 10 years.

In 2011 I published an eBook “Real Child Safety” which pointed out that the majority of child deaths and serious injuries are due to physical abuse and neglect, so why are some crusaders focusing on “too much” skin showing? Worse, some psychopathic individuals seem to be quite thrilled that responsible vigilance to protect children has deteriorated into widespread vigilantism. “Real Child Safety” criticized the mass hysteria over child nudity and child sex abuse  and offered as a free gift a photo-documentary “Girl Becomes Woman” I had been working on for the previous five years.

The photo-documentary of a little girl going through puberty is accompanied by over 100 pages of text describing my personal observations and research on the learning of breast shame in childhood. The eBook was also praised by many readers as normal and constructive, and received no open criticism, actually no attention at all in the establishment-owned mass media. In 2010 this blog also began discussing body shame and sex hysteria, as distorted cultural values learned in childhood. The hysteria over child nudity and child sexuality today is palpable: when people see an image of a top-free little girl they are almost shocked, as if little girls are not supposed to have nipples.

Paypal had been processing donations for my Breast Pride Education Foundation for a year, but in 2012 Paypal panicked and blocked my account “permanently.” The mass media (and the California Better Business Bureau) ignored my crucifixion. I have continued offering “Real Child Safety” to readers (now in a second, expanded edition), as well as “Girl Becomes Woman” and my new video for children “Buddy Massage” – as always on the condition that RCS readers fill out a questionnaire to show they don’t have prurient interests, through my sites: and

Images of top-free little girls in painting and photography are nothing new, and many historical images are in the collections of major museums and university libraries, most famously the early photographs of Oxford University Professor Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), author of Alice in Wonderland, as well as Paul Chabas’ “The First Bath” (1907) William Sergeant Kendall’s three daughters e.g. “A Statuette” (1914/1915) in the Brooklyn Museum: and the images of many other artists and photographers. Even Shirley Temple, the most gifted child actress of all time, was photographed top-free when she was nine to advertise her greatest film “Captain January” (1937): In her autobiography “Child Star,” Shirley Temple Black revealed that as a small child she occasionally wore nothing at all in the California sunshine.

Never before in American history has there been such hysteria over child nudity and even partial nudity as today. There is good reason to believe that there is method in the madness: Hysteria over breast nudity discourages mothers from breastfeeding, and thereby promotes sales of infant bottle formula – an industry with $30 billion in annual sales worldwide (1).

Chelsea Covington to the Rescue

Breast nudity is outlawed in many states while males may freely uncover their chest in public in most places. Chelsea Covington’s activism for legal equality of top nudity consists in casually walking around top-free on public streets, in public parks, and beaches while a friend videos her. The videos are posted on YouTube and promote her blog.

Ms. Covington focuses on the simple matter of legal equality, which I feel is not the best approach because that focus could just as easily justify forcing men to cover their chests in public – as men already are in many cultures around the world. As a man I have been told to put a shirt on in a public park. That is a form of “equality.” So I think focusing on legal equality is overly restrictive and could ultimately backfire.

Surprisingly, Ms. Covington has not been prosecuted on most of her top-free walks. If parents allowed their flat-chested young daughters to likewise bare their chests at parks and beaches in most states they probably wouldn’t be arrested either, but the modern police state has so terrorized parents with the threat of kidnapping their children (for “protection” from the supposed risk of abuse/neglect), that many parents are reluctant to challenge the hysteria.

Since body shame is learned in childhood, I believe that the mass hysteria over nudity and sex should be attacked at its source. Many mothers begin breastfeeding but then stop abruptly after a short time. Some women report pleasure and even orgasm during breastfeeding, which probably provokes guilt – a feeling that such pleasure and arousal are “abnormal.” Although some mothers claim various reasons for early weaning, I wonder if guilt over the natural pleasure of breastfeeding contributes to it.

In the past the genitalia were literally named shame organs: “pudenda” in Latin, and “shamhaft” in German. But mothers breastfed in public and even in church during mass. Nowadays the disease of genital shame has infected the breasts. Many parents (usually mothers) passively model breast shame and/or actively indoctrinate daughters to hide their flat chest. Media images of “perfect” mature breasts and complete censorship of normal breast development at puberty further make many growing girls feel especially ashamed of budding breasts, at a sensitive age when girls should be showered with compliments. I believe that children should also be taught buddy massage in school and at home rather than be neglected or ostracized for insufficient “modesty.”

Groups like FEMEN and also demonstrate in public for women’s top freedom, but nobody seems to care about the source of the problem: instilling breast shame in childhood. We need to realize that the deeper problem isn’t merely legal inequality, but the distorted fear of the human body and its natural functions in fostering healthy sexual desire and genital pleasure.

There is good reason to believe that far worse damage results from body shame than merely offending a moral need for equality. Like other body organs, especially those whose primary purpose is perception or sensation, the clitoris needs stimulation during early life while the relative brain area that controls clitoral function is developing. Otherwise, girls risk suffering reduced sensitivity or irreversible clitoral erectile dysfunction later, an uncomfortable subject that many women have trouble even putting into words.

The Internet is revolutionary because it provides everyone with access to quantities of information never available before in human history. Unfortunately, some individuals feel so insecure that they have a need to limit and censor information they don’t like. They try to control the conversation, and when they don’t succeed they withdraw from the conversation and even try to censor any input from other individuals. That is a very unscientific and highly political (i.e. cynical) view of communication, and expresses contempt for democratic ideals.

Even before Betty Freidan published her classic “The Feminine Mystique,” she fought against oppression and McCarthyism by claiming the value of individualism and nonconformity. How sad that unlike Chelsea Covington most women and even most feminists in America today confront the issue of mental castration of little girls with complete silence rather than challenging the mass censorship and hysteria over child nudity and child sexuality.


  1. Palmer, Gabrielle. The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business, 3rd ed. Pinter and Martin, 2009.

About Frank Adamo

Author of the novel "Revolt of the Children," the eBook "Real Child Safety", a photo-documentary "Girl Becomes Woman," and a video for kids "Buddy Massage." I do not defend, promote or excuse any kind of abuse or exploitation. Become a part of the Foundation for Research and Education on Child Safety.
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16 Responses to Top Freedom

  1. Christian says:

    The stigma against little girls going bare-chested, while little boy do not suffer it, is part of the specific sexual repression and shaming of women and girls. It is like Islamists: they admit that a man can walk with his head uncovered, wearing a short-sleeved shirt with open collar, but they demand that women should walk inside bags that let only their face and hands uncovered. Thus implicitly they consider that the male body does not make women sex-crazy, but the female body turns men into wild beasts.


  2. sexhysteria says:

    Thanks for your comment. The modern mental castration of little girls is a form of female genital mutilation, which is older than Islam – being practiced even in pre-literate animist cultures. In her book “Mutilée” (Oh! Editions, Paris 2005), the author Khady says people in her culture still physically mutilate little girls today because parents believe it will make a girl more fertile when she grows up.

    Whatever the origins of modern mental castration here in the West, the proximate cause now is clearly the profit motive. The infant bottle formula industry sells more of their inferior, expensive, potentially dangerous product if mothers are too ashamed to breastfeed.

    Although some mothers think they are making an independent, personal decision to deny their children superior breast milk that is not only safer but absolutely free, such an odd decision is cultivated by the mass media-inspired hysteria over nudity and sex that is reinforced by subtle tricks embedded in hospital protocols that cultivate formula feeding, and sabotage the natural instinct to breastfeed.

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  3. Thomas says:

    Paintfa Chan – a ten year old artist from Thailand. Already painting nude images of women with eight years of age. Thailand is now more free than Europe or the USA.


    • sexhysteria says:

      Thanks for your comment. There are some artists in Europe and America photographing and drawing or painting nude images too, but I don’t know of any child artists like that.


  4. Lord Jesus Christ Baptist Church says:

    NO. A child cannot consent to having his torso naked. It is always exploitation of the naive and innocent mind. Children are easily enthralled by there innocent need for approval and pedophiles have a way with them, giving them what they like to then predate on them. Other than that fostering instinct in children is important. However emphasizing order following at the same time as part of your movement is going to undercut these efforts. Look at hynotists videos on youtube. Simply causing confusion can be enough to disable defenses and inserting whatever suggestion you like.

    Your Pedophilia is unpermissable. You must seek therapy and work out your perversion. All people lobbying to make legal for children to go with the naked torsos go on a list.


    • sexhysteria says:

      Your vicious comment embarrasses yourself. If children can’t consent to their chest being uncovered, then they can’t consent to their chest being covered either. Pedophilia has nothing to do with it – you are merely trying to inflame people’s passions by claiming there be witches here. I’ve never defended pedophilia, and I’ve even specifically disavowed pedophilia repeatedly. You falsely accuse me anyway, which says more about you than it does about anybody else.


  5. Watch out says:

    You need to get doxxed so that you can be arrested for child porn and beaten up everyday of your pathetic life.


  6. Cosmo says:

    Are there plans for more articles? It’s been a whole year now.


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  9. eqfoundation says:

    I just wanted to give a heads up about the domain.

    It’s apparently in hostile hands, as it redirects to a page that hijacks [freezes] your browser, and gives you a long, looping [synthesized voice] recording with threats of locking your PC, sending your credit card information to hackers…Oh, and somehow these bozos [who are illegally “stealing your credit card information, passwords” and such] also tie in a threat to report you to “the local authorities”, if you don’t call a handy dandy phone number, to “remove the infection”…and, blah, blah, blah…

    As I recall it…Pigtails in Paint somehow got severed from their original domain…and, obviously, dirt bags seized on it. is the safe domain.

    Simply clicking on the .com link you have here, wont likely get you to the fishing website…But if you’re like me, and you just wanted to check out what they’re doing on Pigtails in Paint [an entirely legal site, thank you, very much!], you might be inclined to delete the URL path down to the base domain, click “enter” and find yourself on this fishing website…

    It might be good, to remove that link from this post.

    This is one of the many, many types of screwy, demented harassment, that online MAPs have been forced to put up with.


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